For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: Do you offer FREE ESTIMATES?

A: Yes, of course, don’t ever pay for an estimate!

Q: Does Contract Carpet use their own installers?

A: Contract Carpet has both subcontractors and our own installers. All of the installers that install for us are licensed, bonded and insured. All of our subcontractors have a lengthy relationship with us. Contract Carpet guarantees all of our labor for as long as you own your home.

Q: I am not looking to spend a lot… Is Contract Carpet expensive?

A: We have flooring across the price spectrum. The most important way for you to get the right price and right quality, is for you to tell us exactly what you are looking for. Contract Carpet sells inexpensive apartment quality flooring as well as ultra high end custom flooring and everything in between.

Q: How do we get ready for new carpet?

A: Contract Carpet’s installers are willing to move the large and heavy furniture. What we expect the homeowner or tenant to do is, strip linens from beds, move all breakables that are on or in furniture, disconnect computers or other electronics, remove books from bookcases and remove everything from the floor of closets.

Q: How often should we clean our carpet?

A: The yarn manufacturers and carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpet professionally cleaned once every 18 months and require you to have them professionally cleaned once every 24 months to maintain warranty coverage.

Q: What method of carpet cleaning is recommended?

A: Steam cleaning also known as Hot Water Extraction is the only method recommended by carpet manufacturers.

Q: How long can we expect our new floor covering to last?

A: The length of time a floor will last depends on many factors, including the environment in which it is installed in. The amount of foot traffic, how often the floor is vacuumed, swept and cleaned all play a role in the life span of flooring. Tile can last a lifetime, though styles change and may look dated in the future. Hardwood flooring too, can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. In an active household a wood floor may need to be refinished every 7 years, but in a gently used home with just two adults and no pets you may never need a refinish. Carpet, meanwhile, is usually kept in a home for 7 to 10 years before being replaced.

Q: How high off the slab should we install baseboards?

A: 3/8” is normal.

Q: What is the time frame from order date to installation date?

A: One to two days on items in stock. Seven to ten days for items coming from the manufacturer.

Q: What is the most family friendly carpet?

A: Carpet with a branded nylon including a built in stain resistance, such as StainMaster, constructed with a high twist rating and high density.

Q: Can my pet pee on my carpet?

A: No! No matter what the slick salesmen tell you there is no carpet that can withstand pet urine and feces. Not StainMaster, Not ANSO, Not SmartStrand, None of them. Honest answer.

Q: Do you install on the weekend?

A: Yes, we regularly schedule Saturday installations and Sundays can be arranged if necessary.

Q: Do you dispose of the pull-up?

A: Absolutely, we leave only a professionally installed floor behind.