If this quest for new flooring or window coverings has been prompted by the unfortunate disaster of a flood or fire, Contract Carpet can help you through the process.  Contract Carpet and it’s staff has worked with countless insurance policy holders working to rebuild after such an event.

Negotiating with your insurance company can be a nightmare all on it’s own, but we can make it easier by doing much of it directly with the insurance adjuster for you.  Contract Carpet can help put a value on the damaged floor and window coverings and make certain you are receiving full replacement value on the existing materials, not a depreciated figure.

It is important to remember you, the insurance policy holder, are legally permitted to choose any contractor you feel comfortable having perform the work required.  Insurance companies and their adjusters are notorious for making policy holders feel pressured into using contractors they have aligned themselves with.  It is in your best interest to choose your own contractor.

Below is an outline to make this process a little smoother.

I.  Start a claim with your insurance provider.

a. Obtain your adjusters name, number and the claim number.

II. Call Contract Carpet

1.     Give us the claim number and the adjusters contact information.

2.     Schedule an inspection with Contract Carpet.

3.     Samples, photos and measurements will be taken to evaluate the damage.

4.     A replacement value will be determined and submitted to both you and the insurance adjuster for approval

III. Selecting New Materials

1.     Once the estimate has been approved your insurance provider will issue you an allowance for your new flooring or window coverings.

2.     Visit one of our showrooms to work with our staff in selecting new products.  We can help guide you to choosing materials within your given allowance.

3.     Take samples home to make certain they complement your décor prior to making your final decision.

IV. Installation.

1.     Contract Carpet will work directly with you scheduling the installation of your new flooring or window coverings.

2.     Work will be completed in a timely fashion.