If you are looking for a practical water friendly floor for your entry, kitchen or bathrooms, tile and stone are two great flooring solutions.

Interior designers love working with tile and stone as there are endless design options. Porcelain tile and natural stone come in a variety of sizes and shapes, you are no longer tied down to working with a square 12×12 monotone tile. Many of the new porcelain products are intended to mimic the natural movement found in travertine, marble and slate yet provide a low maintenance, carefree surface that is impervious to stains.

Tile is an excellent way to go for the active household with kids and pets. Spills and accidents can easily be mopped up and they will still provide a lifetime of low maintenance beauty.

Stone is another wonderful flooring choice as it too can be a hardy floor worthy of years of abuse. Stone flooring adds a natural warmth and earthy sense to any finely decorated home or office. Stunning marbles can give a home an elegant feel and richness. Travertine has a casual sophistication about it. And slate creates a bit of a rustic atmosphere. As with any natural product used in the architectural world, stone flooring adds a tremendous amount of value to your property.